Virtual Mart: ASP.NET Web Services with Web Portals.

Distributed Component Based Software Development by using ASP.NET Web Services and Web Portals.

Virtual Mart-Reservation Agent Portal

Goal: Implement a Virtual Marketplace.

The following entities play a role in the Virtual Marketplace:

• Agent: A portal, which allows passengers to search a route, reserve and cancel Air tickets on various Air Lines. Agent port also facilitates passengers to search hotels availability, reserve and cancel hotel reservations.

• Bank: Provides financial services to the its customers (Passenger, Agent, Airline, Hotel)

• Airline: Provides daily flying schedules for the Agents and accepts reservations from passengers.

• Hotel: Provides logging facilities (BB, HB, and FB) and accepts reservations from passengers.

Following diagram shows the high level architecture of the Virtual Market.

Released Under MIT Licence 2012 Harsha Siriwardena

@authors: harshadura, chathu


.NET Framework 3.5
MS Visual Studio 2008
MS Access


This project consist with 3 C# SOAP Web Services with 4 ASP.NET Web Portals. Web Portals are depending on the Web Services. So first have to run all the required Web services and then run Web portals.


This Project has been done for a partial fulfillment of Distributed Component Based Software Development Subject.

Screenshots of Agent Portal.

Clockwork-mod Recovery MD5 mismatch! error FIX

Method 1

First try this!

adb shell
# cd /sdcard/clockworkmod/backup/2010-06-
# rm nandroid.md5
# md5sum *img > nandroid.md5

Method 2 :

If Method 1 doesn't work try this way! Hard way - manually setting MD5 values!

Download this > MD5 Calculator

  • Manually go through all the files in the backup folder and calculate MD5 vals, Add them into nandroid.md5 file

c8833ba3d5307b22805daec2a1a34500 << Calculated values | boot.img
01b6cccfb42bd4e3864387eb34a14f1e  data.ext4.tar
96995b58d4cbf6aaa9041b4f00c7f6ae  recovery.img
dae1832a031157156269d814a0ddacee  system.ext4.tar

* More info regarding this work-around refer from this PDF.

Ref: XDA Developers


Ralapanawa Android Module Open Sourced!

Ralapanawa Android Module is one of the Mobility modules we have developed for Ralapanawa RND project. This project has used wide variety of features and functionalites on Android Technology. So finally we thought to Open Source the whole source code for the sake of other newbie developers specially for educational purposes.

Some major functionality.
  • Graphical illustrations (Charts)
  • Data tables to populate bulk data.
  • Handling KSOAP client to fetch SOAP web services within Android.
  • Handling REST web services.
  • SMS based services.
  • Feedback Functions. (Consumer to Dev)
  • Showing Progress bars while handling UI Threads
  • Grid views for menu.
  • UI theming
  • and many more..

 Ralapanawa.Mobile.Module - README

Android Derivative of the Ralapanawa Centralized Web Service

Released Under: MIT License 2012 Harsha Siriwardena

@authors: harshadura, dewmal

Download App from Google Play Market:

For more info visit project blog:

Please note we have wasted our good precious time to create this wonderful product. So if you gonna reuse our work in someway, please mind to give proper credit to us. Thanks!

- Harsha


Journey to OMRS12 - OpenMRS Conf: Cavite, Philippines

OpenMRS Implementers Conference 2012! Glad I had a great opportunity to attend for it being a Google Summer of Code 2012 student of OpenMRS.


 OpenMRS Conference 2012 Group Photo!

Destination: International Institute for Rural Reconstruction-IIRR, Silang, Cavite, Philippines

It was a brand new experience for me cause, I have never been visited to a foreign country before, It was scary, nice and wonderful experience. I noticed, I have flied with two types of planes. Airbus and a Boeing type plane. Airbus was a really huge aircraft but Boeing was bit smaller compared to former. Even though I noticed its really really fast in speed! :)

Pics taken at SriLankan Airport: Bandaranaike International Airport

Note: Most Pics taken courtesy of my Galaxy-S2, <3 its 8MP camera, its really clear! atleast for me :)

FYI my Journey:

>> SriLanka, CMB   > Malaysia, Kuala Lampur > Philippines, Manila
<< Philippines, Manila > Malaysia, Kuala Lampur > SriLanka, CMB

Malaysia I was only limited to Duty Free Area, So actually I wasn't able to watch and expierence the country but I met people! :) They are Oriental type of people,Look like Chinese yeh! Most Girls looks really cute! haha!

@Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, KLIA Airport.
It was a really massive Airport, I predict its 10X times bigger than Bandaranayake Aiport!

Wonderful IIRR venue! International Institute for Rural Reconstruction>IIRR

Hack! Hack! Hackthon !! 
FYI: Hack~means~code for OpenMRS!

Really glad! Met my wonderful GSoC Mentors at Conf: Gaurav Paliwal, Ben Wolfe

Me: like a robo heh!

Really awesome pic! Little bit worry about the colors though!
This pic includes three generations of Google summer of code students who worked with OpenMRS.
 And the co-founders of OpenMRS, Two Doctors of Medicine!
Burke Mamlin and Paul Biondich!

Conference Hall: 
Note: Conference type is UnConference! :) cool type heh

Played Card games at a Restaurant called One Destination situated near Taal Volcano.
Nathan introduced us this card game called Sets! really cool and addictive game!

My Gsoc mentor: Gaurav Paliwal, He works as an Engineer at Tata IT, New delhi, India

My friend Akki from SL to Conf journey: Ishara Premadasa, Final year CS student from UOM

Typical Me! lol

@ a Disscussion Session

Fruits! Nooo! Pineapple......

Jordan! She is trying to eat රඹුටන් Rambutan! :P

Google.....~!!! Our searching God in public action! Thanks for sponsoring us!
FYI Some of the Google Staff also came to OpenMRS conf.. Pretty cool huh!

Me and Ishara Aki

GSoC Friends Met together! Jordan, Ishara and Me

Conference hall!

At Road side.. while visit for the Clinics, inside Bus!

Typical SriLanka heh!

Glad to see OpenMRS been used in many Philippines Hospitals and Clinics!

Cool! They have customized OpenMRS base and named it as CHITS!

Male Nurse using OpenMRS

This is a baby clinic!

So many paper based docs! Automated now!

After visit to hospitals we went cool Restaurant for the Launch!

Regional music cool huh!

Ice creeeeeeem!

We have visited SM-MALL
One of the largest Malls in the World! Top 15 Mall in the World! huh!
Mall > Kind of Large shopping complex, I also got to know after checking Dictionary :P

Three floor building with a large area! I think its 10X bigger than MC in SriLanka!

Typical tourist with Slippers! :P

My Room! Nope! our Room, shared with Gaurav!

 My Tag

IIRR Reception!

JEEPS- Phillipines public transport! less traffic!

Last day at Conference!

Leaving Philippines! at Aircraft!

Never forget this wonderful, 6 day experience i got in a foreign country! I will definitely serve my best for OpenMRS in future too! Thanks again OpenMRS for all the great hospitality!

නමෝ බුද්ධාය! Thank God again for taking care of me all the time for a Cool and Safe Journey.  

- Harsha

More Pics @ OpenMRS Facebook Page: Album1 | Album2