holy shit, tried chang'in oil myself and it took almost 3 hrs :P

DIY, Changing engine oil - for Lancer CK2

a) warm up the car for few mins.
b) Jack up the car - if you need more space
c) safety first: apply a support for the jack-wood, lock up wheels using stone blocks/wood
d) get some cloth to work with oil,  cover hands with gloves, safety eye glasses

0) Warm up the car for few mins.
1) Remove the engine oil cap under the hood.
2) Remove oil pan nut (using #17 wrench): Counter clock wise to loosen.
3) Give it some to drain the oil
4) Remove the oil filter: Counter clock wise to loosen.
5) Give it some time to drain the oil
6) Get the new filter -> apply some oil on the rubber gasket -> now ready to fix
7) Tighten the new filter. -> turn clockwise to tighten
8) Tighten the nut. -> turn clockwise to tighten
9) Fill with new oil - Check the oil reading before filling with all in the can.
10) If the oil level is OK, start the engine.
11) Give it sometime, then Check beneath for oil leaks from filter or nut.
12) DONE!

Note: The video of DarkDragonWing about Lancer USDM is wrong. He rotates to clockwise to loosen which wont work for JDM Lancers.