I am writing this blog post with deep sad in my heart, lots of tears in my eyes. Also i am not sure why i am writing this in English, i wanted to write down something before its too late or i might get forget.

'Maddu" in longer terms, Maddu amma, she is my ever loving grandma. The unsung second mom who made my life a better one. If there's anything i have achieved so far - all of that because of her hard work. i am sure she deserve some bigger part.

She is really old now, i think she is living her finals days or months of her life now. Am i really sad ? no, because I have tried my best to pay her back for the things i owe to her in past years. Me with my elder brother & sister took her to Dabadiwa wandanawa which is apparently one of the ultimate interests of the followers of buddhism. Thinking of those now I am really proud that we made that kind of crazy things for the love of her, even with lots of troubles. I never care about money when comes to paying back for the people who i owe. I really dont worry much even if she dies tonight because i am really satisfied with the duties made from my side. I am sure she has made some good work. She may attain nibbana. Thank you maddu. this is from your ever loving podi putha. :'(

Surely, this is Life.. Its really hard when our loved ones gonna separate from us. Somehow we need to cope with the changes, period.