This is a Project which I have done with few of my colleagues specifically for SLIIT ITP Subject.
I have open sourced the Full source Code at github and rest of the project gonna Open sourced at Sourceforge FOSS home.

I am really thankful to Roshan Ayya, Dr. Dikaz Sheriff at Western Hospital, Colombo for giving lots of helps to make this Product a Success.

The ripen is a lil intro on whats it? and how it works.
visit the official project web portal to see more.thx

How it Works!


OpenMRM is a Cross Platform Supported Desktop Application Product,  which is purely coded using Java. Its a  Electronic Medical record Management system Specially developed for Clinic or same kind of Small or Medium Scaled Hospital.
We started developing this Application from building a simple data model, wrapped that into an API, and then built a web-based application that uses the API. But it was a Vain, So then we Started to build this Desktop Application and now all Seems Working great. 

OpenMRM still in developing process, and its a Fully open sourced project. Community can get involved and support us to develop the next generation of high end OpenMRM. and in the Meantime You can download the source from GitHub and feel free to submit your comments and found any bugs regarding OpenMRM.

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