Game Trailer 
  Halo DuraX - "The 13th Floor Warfare"
- 3D First Person Shooting Game -

well guyz!! This is ma 1st ever 3D Game. Actually this is just an Attempt to create a Game with ma Colleague DragonDilshan [who is one of our Game Designing Guru @DropMarsRecords Ltd] The game is called DuraX (not Durex btw :p) Shortened my nick then jz added some X thing to bring some momentum!!

Well guyz this is perfectly tested under 2.5GHz Core2Duo Processor, 2GB RAM, 128MB VGA. So I am pretty sure that it will work on mosts of PCs under your great System Arrangements!!

Well guyz finally Good luck with, The Game DuraX - "The 13th Floor Warfare"
Its not that much hard and that much nicer, this is just an Attempt..
Thanks for playing...

Download Link [108MB] :