Usage Analyzer Web Application

  • For Tracking the App usage of a Telco AppStore.

The administrator/user can upload the CSV files which were recorded and collected during SMS receiving time of the Server.

Sample CSV file contains : appid, date, msisdn


Now the Admin can upload the CSV files to the Tracking System

Then the Admin can See the Data which were uploaded into the System or may be Admin can review some data.

Admin can Categorize the Apps into several Categories in this Section.
Like for example the person can put App1 to Info category, or may be one App can be owned by two categories, like App2 : Info, others

Now the Admin can track the App usages of particular Application by Three ways. AppID, MSISDN or by the Category.

Here's a generated Report graph of "Overall Apps usage by Category of Info"

Likewise this Usage Analyzer Web Application involves in tracking the App usage of Particular apps, categories to find out which Apps were the interesting ones for people and take necessary actions as needed to promote them.