If you don't like commandline tool, you can use Filezilla instead. Download and install Filezilla client.  Lauch Filezilla. Click Edit -> Settings and select SFTP under Connction. Click Add Keyfile to add the private key file you use for putty connection. Click OK.

Click File -> Site Manager, Click New Site, enter your AWS EC2's public DNS or IP in Host field. Choose SFTP, enter ec2-user in User field and click Connect.

Now you are connected to your EC2 instance with FileZilla.

If you still want to set up an FTP server on your AWS EC2. Below are steps to install VSFTP.
  1. login to  your AWS management console.
    • Go to EC2 and click the Security Groups link.
    • Then choose the default group and switch to the inbound tab (at the bottom of the page)
    • Add the port ranges as above (20-21 and 40000-41000) and apply the rule changes
  2. connect to your instance with putty.
  3. login as ec2-user
  4. sudo yum install vsftpd
  5. change the conf file. sudo vi /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf. Add

  6. pasv_max_port=41000

  7. Add an FTP user (see instruction here)
  8. Start the FTP server. service vsftpd start 
Reference : http://lzw-programmingjourney.blogspot.com/2011/12/set-up-ftp-server-on-amazon-aws-ec2.html