Bought my first Car - Mitsubishi Lancer CK2 MX Touring :)

After lots of hard work I was lucky enough to buy my first car last week. I was searching and investigating lots of Cars! (well i m pretty sure i hv checked more than 50 cars engine started and bonnet opened xD) around Colombo area with a great deal of support from one of my uncle who is a a relation and a former Mechanic at Toyota Lanka.

And finally I decided to buy this charming (atleast for me xD) Lancer CK2 comes with the Evo5 bodykit installed to it. :)



PS: Happened a lil accident near a three way junction at Bambalapit hit with a damned pizza motor bike :/ Front bumper, bonnet, 1 fog lamp, 1 signal lamp and 1 head lamp got damaged by this. Luckily I had setup a full insurance for my Car so got full claim for everything. But not to mention the big amount of time I had to spent in garages and insurance offices :/ it was a (sucking indeed) but a great experience after all ..

Never-mind! all is well back again. Here is a picture taken after the recovery :)

Google Summer of Code 2014: Here are some great info sources for Potential GSoC Aspirants!

We had a GSoC meetup at GdayK event (9th Nov'13 at Queens Hotel, Kandy) Here are the presentation resources we used at there:

Hope this would be helpful for potential GSoC aspirants, Good luck!


GSoC Meetup Resources

  1.  Introduction Video about GSoC:

  1. GSoC from A to Z - one of the coolest GSoC Presentations (Credits: Mr.Pradeeban)

  1. Google Developers page of GSoC:

  1. GSoC 2014 Meetup resources:

  1. Another really cool GSoC Presentation (Credits: Mr.Suranga)

  1. Open source software for the world: Presentation (Credits: Mr.Keshan)

  1. Getting involved with OpenMRS (one of the coolest orgs at GSoC) Presentation (Credits: Mr.Harsha)