Hi folks,

Its a great pleasure to see Sinhalese language has been added to Google translator very recently. But seems Google's algo would need lots of Sinhalese vocabulary to proceed into next steps; So eventually it'll get included in Google translator, yey!. So as Sri Lankans and Sinhalese people i feel its one of our duties to contribute and fullfill the threshold asap so Google can proceed into the next steps.

So guys here's the link where you will see the webpage for translations: http://goo.gl/nJKsF0

Few notes (came to mind):

1) if you dont know the exact english meaning just "Skip" it.
2) for gods sake, please dont be crazy enough to make incorrect translations which would cause lots of trouble afterwards for lots of people involved.

(Anyways In my opinion for now, lets just forget about the "Rate" section which actually shows us the quality of translations already done by people and lets give the priority to help translate as much as we can!)

EN > SI ftw!