Durevo is back in action after long 2 months of repairs followed by the big accident happened since ever. (3 vehicles clashed in a row.) I would like to thank LOLC insurance for contributing alot to resurrect durevo back. They have claimed 97% of the total bill of 275K of LOMO <-- the garage. Bit worried about how it took almost two months to get done the work, But overall i would say LOMO seems to be a very good garage in the area with quality work done by professionals in the subject. Bit pricier than 'aba gaha yata garages' but i would say its worth the price.

Mitsubishi Lancer MX Touring 1997 
(Note - if you are looking for the stock car's 360 view, please note few mods are here in this car: they are only the rear spoiler, side skirts and lips for the rear bumper.)

Full link: http://3dbin.com/publicjs/xuccpsup

Removed the front bumper due to the very low ground clearance. Here is the comparison of earlier and now. Its not bad huh! pretty decent looking now :) but the rear spoiler is still there to provide the `sporty` look.