Ralapanawa Android Module is one of the Mobility modules we have developed for Ralapanawa RND project. This project has used wide variety of features and functionalites on Android Technology. So finally we thought to Open Source the whole source code for the sake of other newbie developers specially for educational purposes.

Some major functionality.
  • Graphical illustrations (Charts)
  • Data tables to populate bulk data.
  • Handling KSOAP client to fetch SOAP web services within Android.
  • Handling REST web services.
  • SMS based services.
  • Feedback Functions. (Consumer to Dev)
  • Showing Progress bars while handling UI Threads
  • Grid views for menu.
  • UI theming
  • and many more..

 Ralapanawa.Mobile.Module - README

Android Derivative of the Ralapanawa Centralized Web Service

Released Under: MIT License 2012 Harsha Siriwardena

@authors: harshadura, dewmal

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For more info visit project blog:

Please note we have wasted our good precious time to create this wonderful product. So if you gonna reuse our work in someway, please mind to give proper credit to us. Thanks!

- Harsha