Distributed Component Based Software Development by using ASP.NET Web Services and Web Portals.

Virtual Mart-Reservation Agent Portal

Goal: Implement a Virtual Marketplace.

The following entities play a role in the Virtual Marketplace:

• Agent: A portal, which allows passengers to search a route, reserve and cancel Air tickets on various Air Lines. Agent port also facilitates passengers to search hotels availability, reserve and cancel hotel reservations.

• Bank: Provides financial services to the its customers (Passenger, Agent, Airline, Hotel)

• Airline: Provides daily flying schedules for the Agents and accepts reservations from passengers.

• Hotel: Provides logging facilities (BB, HB, and FB) and accepts reservations from passengers.

Following diagram shows the high level architecture of the Virtual Market.

Released Under MIT Licence 2012 Harsha Siriwardena

@authors: harshadura, chathu


.NET Framework 3.5
MS Visual Studio 2008
MS Access


This project consist with 3 C# SOAP Web Services with 4 ASP.NET Web Portals. Web Portals are depending on the Web Services. So first have to run all the required Web services and then run Web portals.


This Project has been done for a partial fulfillment of Distributed Component Based Software Development Subject.

Screenshots of Agent Portal.