This Torrent gave me damn damn shit two times! yeah its more than 4GB twice = 8GB gone vain! F*** the uploader!!! After the fucking torrent download you will see a "Readme" file on it. Inside you can see a workout you need to get the actually WinRAR pass!! I hate to say, but it took me more than 2-3 hours to do that survey because of that shitty web site with lot of bugs. Finally i got it! yeah i thought all the mess was over, but its not! when i was giving the pass when the RAR promomt me to provide the pass it says password is incorrect!! ohh shit CORRECT password also incorrect, damn this person who have uploaded this shit!

FAKE >>>>

And finally i seek more Halo4PC torrents, and I got to know the "First things First"
There's nothing called Halo4 for PC its only for Xbox, if someone says Halo4 for PC thats fake, fucking some other shit inside on those downloads, so dont waste your time, if you really want to play Halo 4 you need to take a Xbox! well yes thats all, hope this will help for some one, I thought to writeup this cause I know how pain is to download this kind of big torrent and seeing a crappy output.