Last week I have attended to an Open Source event organized by Computer Engineering Faculty of University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. In that event I met Buddhike Kurera, who is the Admin of Summer Programs at Fedora Project. In the 1st session he gave a lightning speech about open source and the Fedora Projects role in open source world. In the latter part he talked about the Google-Code-In program one of the events organized by Google for the young kids ages of 13-17 which is happening these days. 

10 Young Champions of GCI 2011

Its a pretty interesting program. So I also thought to contribute this wonderful event.
Younger people are the future of our world. If they got understand the true meaning and value of open source after they grown up surely they will do their best to contribute open source by means its the development of World and Development of Free and open standards.

Since my GSoC Organization OpenMRS hasn't been selected for the list of Organizations this year, I thought to apply for GCI mentor-ship via Fedora Project. And just 1 day ago I have became a Mentor for Google-Code-In program. So in the coming days I will be mentoring young kids for the sake of Fedora Project :-)

This is just a good and simple way to contribute and show your love toward open source.
If you like to become a mentor you are still not that much late. another 24 days yet available to the program ending.

Good intro slides to understand the Basics.
Slides taken from Pradeeban Ayya's Blog.

So Adult programmers, matured students, former GSoC students should become mentors and support this wonderful open source event.

Steps are follows (these info given thanks to Buddhike Ayya)

1. Create a profile in GCI 2012: 

reg as a mentor using this link..

2. Ask for the mentorship via GCi 2012

aftr that goto menu > request mentor > fedora > writs something abt u.
ur work and bla bla no more than few 5-10 lines

3.When it is approved monitor some task on the list and review them
with the student (please inform the primary mentor before that)
4. After reviewing 2 tasks you can submit two tasks which are fedora related.
5. Then you need to complete it by instructing the student.
6. Repeat adding tasks.

Thats the procedure. Read more and get more knowledge before proceeding cause this is not just an ordinary event, you are dealing with Professional Open Source communities. Respect each others! , Don't cross your limits,
use common sense.

Happy FLOSSing! peace.

Harsha Siriwardena
Former GSoC Student, OpenMRS 2012