The most important fact Google Summer of Code taught me is the value of Open Source. And the value developing of Open Source software for the world, for the sake of people who lives on it. Open Source is simply altruism. For whom we code like this? Not for anyone, Just for the well being of ourselves. Simple as that! I was worked for OpenMRS in last summer at GSoC. So the programs I have contributed may be using in actual hospitals, clinics some day. People may love those program. They may get the maximum use out of it. But still those software's are Free. Not commercial ones.  Worth Millions but my Organization OpenMRS giving the Software for Free. See how awesome it is. For the sake of humanity, for the sake of entire world that invaluable software giving for free!

I totally love this concept by now, So I am trying to get involve with Open Source as much as I can. (even at my office time breaks i tend to do it.) Do whatever you can, They dont ask donations or other support. Just simple workforce can effect a lot value for the Community.

Being an Open Source enthusiast, Last week I have attended for an Open Source Event Organized by Computer Engineering faculty of University of Peradeniya, Kandy, Sri Lanka.

Computer Science and Engineering faculty students who participated the event.

There I met lots of former GSoC students and Engineering students who are really interested at Open Source. Glad I met Buddhike Kurera who is the Summer Programs Admin of Fedora Project at the event. He gave a lightning speech about open source and the Fedora's role in open source world.

Mr. Buddhike Kurera from Fedora Project speaking about Open Source software

There were various sessions about Open Source and clarifying the value of them. It was a great pleasure for me I got a 15 mins Session to present the audience about OpenMRS.

In their I introduced the people Whats OpenMRS and where OpenMRS being used today.
Actually they were amazed seeing those. Even the Engineering Faculty of the University where I was talking at are using OpenMRS as a research tool, pretty cool right? :-)

GSoC is a good entry for involve in Open Source. So I taught them why they should select OpenMRS as their Organization in next GSoC (if its gonna happen)

I made below slide to present in my session.

My speech about OpenMRS

The event was a big success, There were around 75 potential Computer Science and engineering students participation. I think they have gained lot knowledge about OpenMRS, Fedora and Open Source Software at the event. After couple of days, as I mentioned in the presentation I saw few Students who participated have posted welcome messages at OpenMRS mailing lists too. That was my ultimate expectation, More contributors for the OpenMRS community, more beautiful things we can get done collaboratively.

Finally I am really glad I have done this, my contribution which I need to do for the World and for the sake of my Organization, OpenMRS.

නමෝ බුද්ධාය. "Write Codes, Save Lives - Join with OpenMRS"


Harsha Siriwardena
Community Developer
Former GSoC Student, OpenMRS 2012