Annoyed dealing with slow Android Emulator? AndroVM, a quickfix!

Recently I found out running and debugging large scale Android Application is really slow in Android Emulator. Yes, Slow PC make it even worse.

Here is a quick fix. and has developed a Virtual Machine images which we can use Android as a separate OS within Orache Virtual Box and VMware as well.

Awesome thing is using these VMs we will able to Debug our Android Application as well. Everything just work as it is Android Emulator, But its super fast than the lagging Android Emulator.

Here are the links.

I have used this JellyBean Tablet version of Android VM inside Oracle Virtual Box 4.2.6

How to ADB Connect and configure for debugging.

Hope this helps for Android Developer someone who is looking to get rid of slow Android Debugging.

(Thanks Sameera ayya @Mubasher for the clue.)

Open Source - OpenMRS awareness session held at University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. "Write Codes, Save Lives"

The most important fact Google Summer of Code taught me is the value of Open Source. And the value developing of Open Source software for the world, for the sake of people who lives on it. Open Source is simply altruism. For whom we code like this? Not for anyone, Just for the well being of ourselves. Simple as that! I was worked for OpenMRS in last summer at GSoC. So the programs I have contributed may be using in actual hospitals, clinics some day. People may love those program. They may get the maximum use out of it. But still those software's are Free. Not commercial ones.  Worth Millions but my Organization OpenMRS giving the Software for Free. See how awesome it is. For the sake of humanity, for the sake of entire world that invaluable software giving for free!

I totally love this concept by now, So I am trying to get involve with Open Source as much as I can. (even at my office time breaks i tend to do it.) Do whatever you can, They dont ask donations or other support. Just simple workforce can effect a lot value for the Community.

Being an Open Source enthusiast, Last week I have attended for an Open Source Event Organized by Computer Engineering faculty of University of Peradeniya, Kandy, Sri Lanka.

Computer Science and Engineering faculty students who participated the event.

There I met lots of former GSoC students and Engineering students who are really interested at Open Source. Glad I met Buddhike Kurera who is the Summer Programs Admin of Fedora Project at the event. He gave a lightning speech about open source and the Fedora's role in open source world.

Mr. Buddhike Kurera from Fedora Project speaking about Open Source software

There were various sessions about Open Source and clarifying the value of them. It was a great pleasure for me I got a 15 mins Session to present the audience about OpenMRS.

In their I introduced the people Whats OpenMRS and where OpenMRS being used today.
Actually they were amazed seeing those. Even the Engineering Faculty of the University where I was talking at are using OpenMRS as a research tool, pretty cool right? :-)

GSoC is a good entry for involve in Open Source. So I taught them why they should select OpenMRS as their Organization in next GSoC (if its gonna happen)

I made below slide to present in my session.

My speech about OpenMRS

The event was a big success, There were around 75 potential Computer Science and engineering students participation. I think they have gained lot knowledge about OpenMRS, Fedora and Open Source Software at the event. After couple of days, as I mentioned in the presentation I saw few Students who participated have posted welcome messages at OpenMRS mailing lists too. That was my ultimate expectation, More contributors for the OpenMRS community, more beautiful things we can get done collaboratively.

Finally I am really glad I have done this, my contribution which I need to do for the World and for the sake of my Organization, OpenMRS.

නමෝ බුද්ධාය. "Write Codes, Save Lives - Join with OpenMRS"


Harsha Siriwardena
Community Developer
Former GSoC Student, OpenMRS 2012

Be an #OpenSource Supporter, Mentorship for Google-Code-In program #GCI

Last week I have attended to an Open Source event organized by Computer Engineering Faculty of University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. In that event I met Buddhike Kurera, who is the Admin of Summer Programs at Fedora Project. In the 1st session he gave a lightning speech about open source and the Fedora Projects role in open source world. In the latter part he talked about the Google-Code-In program one of the events organized by Google for the young kids ages of 13-17 which is happening these days. 

10 Young Champions of GCI 2011

Its a pretty interesting program. So I also thought to contribute this wonderful event.
Younger people are the future of our world. If they got understand the true meaning and value of open source after they grown up surely they will do their best to contribute open source by means its the development of World and Development of Free and open standards.

Since my GSoC Organization OpenMRS hasn't been selected for the list of Organizations this year, I thought to apply for GCI mentor-ship via Fedora Project. And just 1 day ago I have became a Mentor for Google-Code-In program. So in the coming days I will be mentoring young kids for the sake of Fedora Project :-)

This is just a good and simple way to contribute and show your love toward open source.
If you like to become a mentor you are still not that much late. another 24 days yet available to the program ending.

Good intro slides to understand the Basics.
Slides taken from Pradeeban Ayya's Blog.

So Adult programmers, matured students, former GSoC students should become mentors and support this wonderful open source event.

Steps are follows (these info given thanks to Buddhike Ayya)

1. Create a profile in GCI 2012: 

reg as a mentor using this link..

2. Ask for the mentorship via GCi 2012

aftr that goto menu > request mentor > fedora > writs something abt u.
ur work and bla bla no more than few 5-10 lines

3.When it is approved monitor some task on the list and review them
with the student (please inform the primary mentor before that)
4. After reviewing 2 tasks you can submit two tasks which are fedora related.
5. Then you need to complete it by instructing the student.
6. Repeat adding tasks.

Thats the procedure. Read more and get more knowledge before proceeding cause this is not just an ordinary event, you are dealing with Professional Open Source communities. Respect each others! , Don't cross your limits,
use common sense.

Happy FLOSSing! peace.

Harsha Siriwardena
Former GSoC Student, OpenMRS 2012


SocketConnections, RMI vs. Web Services Performance comparison

The web services do allow a loosely coupled architecture. With RMI, you have to make sure that the objects stay in sync in all applications, which means that you always have to deploy both of them at the same time even if only one of them is changed (not necessarily, but it is required quite often because of serial UUIDs and whatnot)
Also it is not very scalable, which might be an issue if you want to have load balancers.
In my mind RMI works best for smaller applications, that are not internet-related. I've used it to have a java application that handles electronic communications

Whether you use Web Services or a more "native" approach depends on the environment as well. If you have to pass through a proxy or some corporate firewall(s), Web Services are more likely to work since they are relying on HTTP only. RMI requires you to open another port for your application which may be difficult (not technically, though) in some environments...
If you know that this issue is not a problem, you should consider using RMI. SOA does not depend on technology so much as on good service design. If you have an EJB container, you can call session beans via RMI and additionally expose them as web services, if you really need to, by the way.
The performance depends on the data that you are planning to exchange. If you want to send complex object nets from one application to another, it's probably faster with RMI, since it's transfered in a binary format (usually). If you have some kind of textual/XML content anyway, web services may be equivalent or even faster, since then you would not need to convert anything at all (for communication).

Socket vs. REST Web Service performance

Its hard to imagine that REST is faster than a simple socket connection given it also goes over a Socket.
However REST may be performant enough, standard and easier to use. I would test whether REST is fast enough and meets your requirements first (or one of the many other existing solutions) before attempting your own Socket solution.

Feels like a local API, much like XMLRPC
Can provide some fairly nice remote exception data
Java specific means this causes lock in and limits your options
Has horrible versioning problems between different versions of clients
Skeleton files must be compiled in like CORBA, which is not very flexible
easy to route around firewalls
useful for uploading files as it can be rather lightweight
very simple if you just want to shove simple things at something and get back an integer (like for uploaders)
easy to proxy security behind Apache and let it take the heat
does not define any standard format for the way the data is being exchanged (could be JSON, YAML 1.0, YAML 2.0, arbitrary XML format, etc)
does not define any convention about having remote faults sent back to the caller, integer codes are frequently used, but method of sending back data is not defined. Ideally this would be standardized.
may require a lot of work on the client side caller of the library to make use of data (custom serialization and so forth)
In short from here
web services do allow a loosely coupled architecture. With RMI, you have to make sure that the objects stay in sync in all applications
RMI works best for smaller applications, that are not internet-related and thus not scalable


Yeah, Now! I am an Engineer at DirectFN - Mubasher! :-)

Yeah I am an Engineer at DirectFN - Mubasher, We are the people who make DirectFN, the Ultimate Trader's tool use by various Stock Markets in the Entire Globe :-)

Recently I joined a company called Direct FN a.k.a Mubasher, Direct Financial Network in long words. Thats a Software Company specializes Stock Trade related solutions which are served for the entire globe. I am really proud that I have been recruited for this Company and looking forward to serve my best in future endeavors.

I will be working on DirectFN-Mobile Division of Mubasher Ltd as an Associate Software Engineer. So my main objectives will be developing DirectFN Trader's Tools/Apps for IPhone, Android and Windows Phone as well. And I am so glad that I will be start working on Iphone development pretty soon. As its my very initial developments with Xcode and Iphone dev, I think that would be lil bit painful for me but should be a wonderful experience. So that's it for now folks. I am really happy to join with Mubasher as a very well known Software Company in Sri Lanka and looking forward to serve my best and get more knowledge on Global Software development environments.

නමෝ බුද්ධාය.

- Harsha

Direct FN Ltd., also known as Mubasher in the Middle East is a wholly owned subsidiary of National Technology Group (NTG). NTG is the largest ICT holding company operating across the MENA region. DirectFN specializes in providing solutions to both buy side and sell side institutions with fully automated Straight Through Processing (STP) systems. DirectFN solutions are used across Middle East and South Asia by some of the largest financial institutions. DirectFN also specialize in providing low latency market data, news, reference data, charting tools and other investor tools to the investment community in the Middle East and beyond. For more details on DirectFN, please refer to

About DirectFN-TWS Trader's tool

The Software itself named as a part of Company name and TWS means Traders Work Station, This Application supports various Mobile Devices including IPhone, IPad, Android Phones, Tabs and Blackbery, Windows Phone

The coolest thing is you will able to do online trading by using this Application, Yeah by using the Mobile Phone Apps you can trade even you are on Bed. Really Cool isn't it? :-)

Feel like i will tend to start working on Share market investments again. ;-)

Desktop Version

Android Version